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Dru profile
Hello I’m the Lead Faculty for Business and General Education, Mr. Macasieb. But please call me by my first name Dru.

Academically, I graduated from California State University of San Marcos, with a Bachelors of Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Linguistics. I also have Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and a Masters of Business Administration from National University. Currently I am studying to get my Bachelor’s of Science in Web Design and Development at Independence University.

Professionally, I have started my work experience by serving in the US Army for four years, with one tour in Afghanistan. After getting out of the service, I was working as a free lance photographer and videographer.  While going to school I found a work as manager for a photography studio. Eventually I left that postion for a retail district management position. In this position I managed 16 locations in the Southern California region. After finishing my both my Masters, I quit management and started doing what I’ve always wanted to do, work in education. I started off as a free lance tutor, specifically helping veterans, while being an adjunct faculty for various schools. Finally, in 2011, I found my home at California College San Diego.

Personally, I am a social butterfly and enjoy the night life, the bar scence, music festivals, pool parties, basically any event where people come for good vibes. In fact, I’m at the beginning phases of starting my own local business develpoment company. Currently I’m helping a start-up promotional company s by assisting customer traffic to various night clubs and bars such: Ominia, Parq, Fluxx, and Rich’s (hit me up if you want complementary tickets or special discounts). Recently, I’ve got the traveler’s itch, spending two weeks in Thailand, and spending random weekends in LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Miami.  I am an avid technology enthusiast (I’m an Apple Fan), social net-worker, and a life long learner.

Currently my short term goals are to finish my Bachelor’s and travel to Europe. My long term goals are to move up in my organization, start my own business, and finish my PhD in Education.

I am an easy going individual that’s all about good vibes and results.  Feel free to ask me anything or just strike up a conversation with me.  Whether its academic or career related, obstacles you may be facing, or if you just want to chat, I’m all ears. I look forward to working with you. The best way to reach me is through my virtual office. 

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