Rather Die

By Dru Macasieb

Whenever there is pain in your heart,
whenever you are lonely,
just pick up the phone, I’ll say hello.
And you can say it right back to me.
‘Cause that’s what I’m gonna do,
‘Secret crush’, if I can’t have you.
I’d rather die than watch you love somebody…

I’m gonna keep to myself,
These feelings that I hold.
I’m gonna love in my dreams,
and keep these dreams untold.
‘Cause that’s what I’m gonna do,
‘Secret crush’, if I can’t have you,
I’d rather die then watch you love somebody…

Death can’t do,
the pain without you,
That’s why I love you so much.
And the only thing I long for,
is your warm tender touch.

All in love…

I love you so much…


Author: Dru Macasieb

Hi, I'm Dru. I am a a life-long learner, educator, web designer, and entreprenur. I am a US Army veteran, business professional, and I currently work in higher education. Academically, I have holds a BA in Liberal Studies, BS in Web Design and Development, an MBA, and MA in Organizational Leadership. He is currently facinated with AWS, UX/UI, and Dropshipping.

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