My Love, My Hun

Today the ex-wife came to visit our son Boo Boo. It seems that every time I see her she gets prettier and prettier. It’s funny how things can change so drastically. One day you’re living a straight life, and then next thing you know you’re in gay relationship complicated by scandalous drama.
People often ask me, why I changed from living a straight life to a gay one. They couldn’t understand the choices I had made. The ones that knew Gladys and I were in disbelief because I had everything a guy could want in a relationship: beauty, class, and commitment. My answer to their question is that love is not a choice. You cannot chose who you fall in love with, but with rather love chooses you. I think the fallout between Gladys and I was unfortunate because we were truly happy together. But although unfortunate, I have no regrets because we still have each other. I like that fact that we both lived the dream, and now we are both living completely separate lives, and exploring the many things life has to offer. Every time we see each other and trade our life’s stories, we are always amazed about how different we now are, yet our minds are still riding the same wave lengths. 

Gladys has been, and is still is a true honor and blessing in my life. I will never forget the unforgettable memories we’ve made and hopefully we’ll continue to make more. I never thought I would have the life I have now (one that is without her as my center piece), but sometimes life just works that way. Does she ever cross my mind? All the time. I am just glad I can be truly open and honest with her. 

I love my life now. Although now its filled with drama, scandal, and randomness, I love it because it keeps me at the edge my seat. Right now I am with David, who loves more than words can describe. But I am gonna save that story for another blog. 🙂

Author: Dru Macasieb

Hi, I'm Dru. I am a a life-long learner, educator, web designer, and entreprenur. I am a US Army veteran, business professional, and I currently work in higher education. Academically, I have holds a BA in Liberal Studies, BS in Web Design and Development, an MBA, and MA in Organizational Leadership. He is currently facinated with AWS, UX/UI, and Dropshipping.

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