What is the purpose of higher education?

(Free-Writing Actvitiy)

The purpose of higher education is to create a systematic way of dividing society’s scarce resources; specifically jobs and social status. Hundreds of years ago people did not need to go to school. They were fine with growing up and working. Then someone decided that education was important and implemented making children go to school. But even then, higher education did not exist or was not popular. Kids would go to school, graduate and find a job. Nowadays people cannot find a job unless they have an education. Well, not a good paying job at least. It has been set in the minds of Americans that the thing to do after graduating high school is to go to college.  We have brainwashed our children to think that without higher education, you cannot become rich, smart, contributor to society. Going to college is not an option it something you just do. We continue to re-enforce the importance of college in movies, commercials, the radio, music, even in social media. Facebook was founded in the roots of its college-based invitation 


For this activity, I chose to do the free-writing method of prewriting. This activity was not hard to do as I let my thoughts run wild and had my fingers do the typing without thinking about if the grammar or structure was correct. This activity was easy because it let me think without judging my thoughts (if that makes any sense). After looking at what I wrote during my free-writing activity, I have an idea as to why I am pursuing an education.  

I am pursuing a higher education because for some reason, I believe it is the stage before finding one’s career. Even if someone did not pursue a higher education after high school, they will end up going to college because this is the natural stage before having a career. Higher education is where one learns about one’s self and the world. It is a time of one’s life where self-discovery is happening along with mental and personal growth. Although society has brainwashed us to think that without higher education we cannot be successful (my own personal opinion), it is important to understand that education is not a given, it is a conscious choice that someone makes, a path that someone chooses, in order to pursue a better life.

Author: Dru Macasieb

Hi, I'm Dru. I am a a life-long learner, educator, web designer, and entreprenur. I am a US Army veteran, business professional, and I currently work in higher education. Academically, I have holds a BA in Liberal Studies, BS in Web Design and Development, an MBA, and MA in Organizational Leadership. He is currently facinated with AWS, UX/UI, and Dropshipping.

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