Non-Matriculated Students

By Dru Macasieb

Originally Written: March 31st, 2017

Students who have graduated from a program are eligible to return and audit courses from their program. This student becomes known as a non-matriculated student, that is a non-degree seeking student.  This status is most suited for students who wish to enroll for personal enrichment and to re-learning and fine-tune previously learned material. 

Here are the steps to becoming a non-matriculated student:

  1. Contact the associate dean of your program.
  2. Discuss which courses you would like to audit
  3. If the course is available, he will schedule for the course
  4. Fill out a change of status form.

Rules for Auditing Courses:

To avoid disrupting the class, non-matriculated students must attend class and participate as a matriculated (normal) student. This means that assignments, discussions, daily checkpoints, and assessments should be completed like normal. If non-matriculated students do not participate or disrupt the class, they may lose the benefit of auditing the courses in the future.


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