Failing A Course

*Please refer to your college’s catalog for official guidelines as this site is an unofficial guide. Information has most likely been chagned or updated since the writing of this article. Furthermore, this article containa my own personal opinion based on my past experience as a student and while working with students in education management. Students should seek advisement from their college’s education department for more relevant and thorough guidance.

All students, including VA students, must progress satisfactorily toward meeting graduation requirements. Academic progress is measured in two ways: (a) grade point average, and (b) course completion. The academic progress of each student will be reviewed at the end of every term. A student is considered to be making academic progress if his or her grade point average is above the minimum requirement and the student has successfully completed at least 67% of the credits attempted, otherwise known as the completion rate standard. The evaluation points, grade point average standard, and the completion rate standard are provided in the table listed.

  • Required Evaluation Point and Minimum GPA with 67% of Grades Completed for Associate’s Programs
    • First Term (4 Months/Mods)    1.0
    • Second Term                         1.5
    • Third Term +                         2.0
    • Graduation                            2.0

The consequences of failing a course can  be detrimental to your academic future. 

The consequences of failing a course is as follows:

  • You will have to retake the course
  • You will be charged for retaking the course
  • Your GPA will significantly drop
  • Your graduation date will be pushed further

Consequences of a trend of failing courses:

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards apply to all students at a college.
  • Failure to achieve a 2.0 GPA for each term will put you on Academic Probation, called a Financial Aid Warning Status (FAWS)
  • Failure to complete 67% of credits attempt will also put you in a FAWS
  • Once in FAWS you need to demonstrate positive progress by having 2.0 or above GPA for a term (which is 4 months).

So what happens if I get dropped for not achieving Satisfactory Academic Progress?

The answer to this is dependent on a numebr of variables unique to the studnet. However, from past experience, these are are some likely outcomes:

  • Financial aid will stop loaning you funds for your education with us.
  • As a result, you will be dropped from the college.  
  • Your chances of future financial aid benefits maybe in jeopardy.
  • Your chances of being admitted at other colleges may also be in jeopardy.  
    • As you will have a hisotry of borrowing funds and poor academic performance, which may give the impression that you would be more of a liability to them (as most schools have to meet depmatement of education benchmarks such as graduation rates, placement rates, and default rates to name a few).
  • For VA students, you may be de-certified form the VA benefits program.
  • If not in school, you will have to repay any student loans after 6 months.
  • If you do not pay student loans, and go into default, it will harm your credit score and the government will garnish your wages and intercept any tax refunds.

These statements are not endoresed by California College San Diego and are the opinions of the author.

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