How To Audit A Course

Article By Dru Macasieb

Students and Alumni may audit a course, when available.

Here are the steps to audit a course:

  1. See the program dean of the course.
    • He/She will find out if the course is available for audit (based on open seats)
  2. Complete a change of status of form (it will be marked non-metric).
  3. The program dean will submit to registrar and you will be enrolled as a non-credit student.

Non-credit remedial courses do not a ect satisfactory academic progress. e student does not earn an academic grade, nor is the non-credit remedial course counted toward the maximum time frame.

Important: Even though this is a non-credit course, student who are auditing the course must complete all assignments and course work, as if they were a student. Further, students must attend regularly. This is to avoid disrupting the class. Failure to abide by these rules my impact future course audits.

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