Pass By Exam

Article by Dru Macasieb

According to the 2017 CCSD Catalog:

Students may challenge out of a course by taking a competency examination. To successfully earn credits the student must score 90% or better on the challenge exam. The challenge exam must be completed and scored before or during the first day of the module in which the course is scheduled. Courses passed by challenge exam will be awarded a “PE” (Pass by Exam) grade, will not count as attempted credits and are not eligible for VA benefits or federal nancial aid. There will be no charge to the student for courses passed by examination. (page 129).

In order to streamline the process, here are some guidelines for taking pass by examination (PBE):

  • You have experience in the subject matter
  • You have taken the class at another university, however credits do not transfer over
Typically, the PBE is a comprehensive final of the course you wish to challenge. In order to start the process of a PBE, please talk to the appropriate associate dean of the course you wish to challenge.

For Business and General Education Courses
Dru Macasieb

For Medical Specialities and Healthcare Admin Courses
Eddie Underwood

For Computer Technology Courses
Jean Pierre Muheim

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